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Hotel Trevi, founder of the prestigious Trevi Group chain of hotels, inaugurates a new hostelry size, guiding guests to discover Rome. The elegance and typically Italian taste does not find expression only in haute cuisine, design, innovation that is born today, everyday, the Bel Paese. Rather rooted in a centuries-old tradition of beauty, rich in art, culture, charm and resourcefulness. A culture of which Rome is the cradle and the main pole emanator. For this, Hotel Trevi is offered as a guide in a route that winds between past and present, between tradition and innovation: We explore every corner of the capital, searching for events, shows, exhibitions and conventions. In our articles you'll find tips and reviews on every occasion not to be missed during your stay, as a reliable compass to follow for anyone who wants to know Rome for what it is: the most beautiful and provocative mistresses. A very wide range of items, in collaboration with the other structures of the Trevi Group. Follow us: because where there is beauty, there Trevi.

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Children - Summer at the Biopark

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  Summer at the Biopark of Rome is full of surprises, between new arrivals and special discounts for the month of August. It is in fact arrived a couple of Asian otters: Chaplin, a two year old male, and a female … Read More

The Tiber

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  Rome is teeming summer always very exciting initiatives. Having the good fortune to unique and fascinating areas, recalling inexorably with their charm, Roma are fully granted thanks to the events, that in this particular time of year, feeding places … Read More

Concerti – International Organ Summer Festival in Rome 2019

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As always the intent is to bring some of the most renowned international organists in churches of the historical center of Rome. Program also fed this year with renowned organists from England, Russia, France, Italy, and Germany, including the great Christopher Herrick … Read More

Nanni Balestrini. We want it all

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  From 29 May to 2 September 2019, the headquarters of Visionarea Art, on the second floor of the Auditorium della Conciliazione, It is hosting an exhibition dedicated to Nanni Balestrini entitled want everything. Curated by Luigi De Ambrogi in collaboration with Emilio Gallery … Read More

The Camino de Ronda of the Aurelian Walls and the Porta Latina Secrets

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  Opening “exclusive right” of Borromini A temple of heaven, a stone's throw from the center of Rome, It encapsulates the memory of the tomb of the Scipios, the elegance of the Columbarium of Pomponius Hylas, the imposing remains of the Aurelian Walls with … Read More

Massimo Troisi poet

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  From 17 April 2019 al 30 June 2019 at the Teatro dei Dioscuri at the Quirinal. It was the 4 June 1994, the day after filming the last scene of "Il Postino", He left Massimo Troisi. for 25 years after his … Read More