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Hotel Trevi, founder of the prestigious Trevi Group chain of hotels, inaugurates a new hostelry size, guiding guests to discover Rome. The elegance and typically Italian taste does not find expression only in haute cuisine, design, innovation that is born today, everyday, the Bel Paese. Rather rooted in a centuries-old tradition of beauty, rich in art, culture, charm and resourcefulness. A culture of which Rome is the cradle and the main pole emanator. For this, Hotel Trevi is offered as a guide in a route that winds between past and present, between tradition and innovation: We explore every corner of the capital, searching for events, shows, exhibitions and conventions. In our articles you'll find tips and reviews on every occasion not to be missed during your stay, as a reliable compass to follow for anyone who wants to know Rome for what it is: the most beautiful and provocative mistresses. A very wide range of items, in collaboration with the other structures of the Trevi Group. Follow us: because where there is beauty, there Trevi.

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Poets in Rome. proud by friendship Returns

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  From 30 March to 23 June 2019, presso il WeGil di Largo Ascianghi a Trastevere. The building located in the heart of the city, It renovated just over a year and a half ago, It represents a real cultural hub, capaceRead More

The Travel in Ancient Rome with the voice of Piero Angela

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  From 17 April to 3 November 2019 Travel arrive in Ancient Rome: the Forum of Augustus and the Forum of Caesar visitors can listen 2 stories and take 2 Special itineraries and. Viewers will be accompanied by the voice of … Read More

Leonardo da Vinci. The first science of science

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  From 13 March to 30 June 2019   On the occasion of the five hundred years since the death of Leonardo da Vinci there will be numerous exhibitions, events and appointments throughout Italy to celebrate one of the greatest geniuses of. In Rome … Read More

L 'indifference

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  The Space Gallery 40 From Rome, in collaboration with the architects Mutti Amelia and Stephen Hew, She organized by 22 al 31 March 2019 the Exhibition of Contemporary Art Collective "L 'Indifference'. The theme of the exhibition is inspired by … Read More

The Rome of the Kings. The story of archeology

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For the first time an older age only witness heritage of the city of Rome The exhibition is housed in the Capitoline Museums, in the exhibition rooms of Palazzo Caffarelli and Area of ​​the Temple of Jupiter, Palace of the Conservatives. … Read More

Climbing Carnival to Giokificio

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Saturday 16 February hours 11.00 Laboratory of Pastry: Strike the Ore 15.00 COME AND EXPERIENCE THE GAME OPEN CLIMBING ENTRY TEST FREE CLIMBING FOR CHILDREN 4 YEARS Sunday 17 February 11.00 ... ..arriva the carnival to Giokificio! PARTY OF … Read More