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Hotel Trevi, founder of the prestigious Trevi Group chain of hotels, inaugurates a new hostelry size, guiding guests to discover Rome. The elegance and typically Italian taste does not find expression only in haute cuisine, design, innovation that is born today, everyday, the Bel Paese. Rather rooted in a centuries-old tradition of beauty, rich in art, culture, charm and resourcefulness. A culture of which Rome is the cradle and the main pole emanator. For this, Hotel Trevi is offered as a guide in a route that winds between past and present, between tradition and innovation: We explore every corner of the capital, searching for events, shows, exhibitions and conventions. In our articles you'll find tips and reviews on every occasion not to be missed during your stay, as a reliable compass to follow for anyone who wants to know Rome for what it is: the most beautiful and provocative mistresses. A very wide range of items, in collaboration with the other structures of the Trevi Group. Follow us: because where there is beauty, there Trevi.

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An ancient monastery in the city: Four Crowned Saints al Celio

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  The complex of the Four Crowned Saints stands on the northern slopes of Celio, on the remains of a Roman Domus from late antiquity turned into a church around the fifth century. The site is presented today as a monastic complex … Read More

New Year with the White Circus "Miri Horror Bubble Show"

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  NEW YEAR'S SHOW MORE 'THAT THERE IS MAGIC! NEW THEATER ORION Production and White Circus Enjoy your Event To wait with the whole family New Year's Eve 2019 Nowhere will be magical as the New Theater Orion. The … Read More

Gingerbread and Christmas cakes: show cooking with Michael Feast

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  The magic of Christmas lights in the streets and houses and even in cooking preparations begin for the Holidays. The iFood blogger Michela Festival will dedicate a show-cooking the Christmas cakes Saturday 1 December starting at 18:00 … Read More

Overtaking. When Italy began running, 1946-1961

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From 12 October 2018 al 3 February 2019 the Museum of Rome at Palazzo Braschi.   Ten thematic sections composed of 160 shots and video installations that trace the 15 years by the Italian reconstruction after the trauma of World War II, till … Read More

"To The Moon": Circus conquest White Roma

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  The great White Circus show for years fascinates a wide audience of children and adults. Sold Out After last year's Atlantic Rome, the production has chosen to renew its presence this year, following the … Read More

"I am the other". Giacometti, Picasso and others. “The Primitivism in the sculpture of the twentieth century "

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    L 'Hotel Trevi likes to take care of their guests in a complete way, even suggesting interesting and special events such as the exhibition "Je suis l'autre". From 28 September 2018 al 20 January 2019, at the Great Halls of the Baths … Read More