On the eve of the one hundred years since the first of the masterpiece “Six Characters in Search of an Author”

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Opera Theater Pirandello & quot; Six Characters in Search of an Author"


Six installations will alternate from 13 April to 2 June to return to visitors

the essence of Pirandello's text. Six productions for six characters: the first historical staging of 1921 Pirandello; The modern revival of Giorgio De Lullo in 1964; the manifesto of the Roman neoavanguardia Pirandello who? built on suggestions from Memè Perlini in 1973; the original reading of Missiroli 1993; the alienating version of Carlo Cecchi 2003; Study on Six Characters in Luca Ronconi 2012.


1921: Six Characters in Search of an Author by Luigi Pirandello

The exhibition is organized by the Theater of Rome

in collaboration with Library Theater Museum SIAE, Theater Center Santa Cristina, Department of History, Anthropology, Religions, Art, Show (Sapienza University of Rome), Study of Luigi Pirandello-Institute of Pirandello Studies and Contemporary Theater, Institute for Sound and Audiovisual, Marches Theater, Museum of the Actor Library of Genoa, Ormete, Rai Teche, Sartoria Farani,

and with the collaboration of Margaret Dellantonio, Paolo Ferrari, Ernani Paterra, Paolo Petroni, Viviana Raciti, Luchino Masetti

we thank Cecilia Carponi, Alessandro Genesis, Donatella Abalone, Nuccio Siano

the students of the Theater School of Rome Alessandro Burzotta, Emanuela Hat, Francesca Fedeli

The exhibition opens to the public Saturday 13 April (ore 17) with SIX CHARACTERS: FIRST EXPOSURE TO THE VALLEY

inaugurates the opening of a meeting with the journalist and theater critic Paolo Petroni

around the historic debut of Pirandello text

MENTAL HOSPITAL! MENTAL HOSPITAL! SIX CHARACTERS IN SEARCH OF AN AUTHOR OF LOUIS PIRANDELLO on display at the Teatro Valle 13 April to 2 June. On the eve of the centennial (1921-2021) from that before the stormy 10 May 1921, the theater offers its visitors an exhibition to trace the story of one of the most emblematic texts of the twentieth century, through six famous productions that have marked the fate.

Around the figure of the great Sicilian playwright, the memories of the first and subsequent stagings, It is organized this exhibition that draws a journey in stages marked by the alternation of the six productions on a journey from 1921 to the present day, between vintage posters, texts of the most influential critics of the time and testimonies left by Pirandello: a mapping of memories and reflections returned to the public, in thematic sessions, with reconstructions in space and video projections, well as textual and photographic materials.

Six Characters for six installations that reconstruct and document six historic stagings, to bring to light the “multiplicity of truth” that this text has disseminated throughout the last century: opens Saturday 13 April (ore 17) the first session dedicated to the historic debut 1921 the company directed by Dario Niccodemi, on display until 21 April. It continues with the first modern revival of philological and Giorgio De Lullo with the company de “Young people” in 1964 (from 25 al 28 April); Pirandello who?, show suggestions and visions that Meme Perlini built in 1973 and it was one of the posters of the Roman neoavanguardia (from 2 al 5 May); reading Mario Missiroli which emphasizes the difference between the Characters and Actors, dressing them in eighteenth century clothes ready in a play by Goldoni (from 9 al 12 May); regenerative and alienating version of Carlo Cecchi 2003 (from 16 al 19 May); Research and commissioning testing of In Search of an Author. Study on Six Characters by Luca Ronconi with the students of the D'Amico 2012 (from 23 May to 2 June).

The eruption of the six characters in the theater - with their history of bourgeois family shame asking a group of actors to give life to their drama - is recalled in spectacular fashion in the room and on the stage of the Valley by a real reconstruction characters and the actor-act entrance on the scene. The suggestion is recreated and revived with mannequins positioned as indicated by Pirandello and dressed in costumes of the Sartoria Farani, inserted into Ernani Paterra play of projections. One installation that accompany the changing of the preparations for the duration of the exhibition, to evoke the power of the text and its historic break with tradition.

Leading the trip a series of meetings with key players and personalities of the theater scene which in turn will open the sessions dedicated to six different outfits (each time 17), inviting the public to moments of remembrance and deepening. Inaugurates the exhibition on 13 April the intervention of Paul Petroni with an introduction on the history before Pirandello. The second exhibition devoted to the staging of Giorgio De Lullo has accompanied the 26 April by the projection of a front body of the movie 1964. The third exhibition is introduced by a memory of Meme Perlini and the years of the Roman cellars, the 2 May, with the bodywork projection 1973. The fourth exhibition on 9 May welcomes a Monica intervention and Guerritore, following, the screening of a movie edition of 1993 Mario Missiroli. The fifth exposure is introduced on 16 May by the movie version of Carlo Cecchi. The sixth exhibition on 23 May opens with the intervention of Roberta Carlotto that traces the work of Luca Ronconi at the Theater Center Santacristina.

Furthermore, accompanies the exhibition a Breakfast Program with Six Characters to chat around Pirandello. Three breakfasts Sunday - 12, 19, 26 May (more hours 11) in the Foyer of the Teatro Valle - by the journalist and theater critic Graziano Graziani, that will lead the “impossible interviews” alongside three writers called to converse in their own way on the characters' figures.


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From 13/04/2019 al 02/06/2019

Teatro Valle
Via del Teatro Valle, 21 – Roma (RM)

input Schedules:
Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 17 at 20
Sunday from 11 at 18

Free admission

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