ArtCity: 150 opportunities to love Rome, Lazio and its museums

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Every romantic soul can appreciate the warm beauty of late summer; the golden weeks between the end of August and the sun languidly typical "ottobrate"Roman. A time when you must shake off slumber and rest and charging energy, to dive into a new year. A dive but, under the guidance of Hotel Trevi, can not be traumatic, and become instead a dive sweet and full of suggestions. For citizens and autumn visitors of the Eternal City there are numerous possibilities: puffs of oxygen that will fill color precious days, the untapped potential, too often dedicated solely to the work. About that, for those who were not already aware of the initiative, point ArtCity: an ambitious project that coordinates dozens of cultural events, in collaboration with major museums in Rome and Lazio.


The edition 2018 of ArtCity is an initiative that covers, its cones 150 events, the entire span of the summer until autumn advanced, from June to November. In 2017 events have been able to involve and entertain over 600.000 visitors. This success today can not but excite curiosity and artistic appetites of those who, as Trevi, He is a lover of beauty and cultural adventurer.

From Rome to the region, new artistic life into the heart of the museums

Artcity It began as a choral initiative Museums of New York, of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture and Tourism and over forty museum sites of Rome and Lazio. Just the cultural sites of the Museums of Lazio host most of the events on the calendar. Notable sites include Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome, Vittoriano and Palazzo Venezia. The initiative has many merits: First it was able to engage the public, bringing it to appreciate forms of art and museum spaces too often overshadowed. Combining antiquities, tradition and experimentation in pairs often daring ArtCity has been able to bring new life and new blood in cultural locations and sizes for many unexplored. So then that night walks marry early music; guided tours meet the avant-garde theater.

Another important figure is the organizational network interwoven with local associations and administrations that has established an extensive cooperation throughout the territory of Lazio. In the region we were organized seventy events involving guests and performances of the highest level. Among the most important sites in the region Oriolo Romano, Some, Sperlonga, Palestrina and Sora. A full calendar of events offering new modes of museum fruition.


The Vittoriano and Castel Sant'Angelo - the secret and night

At Castel Sant'Angelo take place two interesting initiatives: Secret Castle e Night Castle. exploratory paths in the heart of the monument, the discovery of each space or in the picturesque setting of the Roman night.

Initiative similar to where Vittoriano, from June to September, the initiative Victorian Hidden will guide visitors in the basement, Trajan in the period rooms and those used as a shelter during the bombing of 1943 e 1944.


Architecture and photography

Many initiatives dedicated to architectural design and copyright shots. On one side The architecture tells, a review of meetings vis a vis with internationally renowned scholars and architects. On the other hand a series of intriguing conversations on the Victorian terraces, with great exponents of the photographic world. The goal is to communicate and understand, by direct comparison with interpreters and protagonists, two art forms that shape and depict the dialogue space with companies, policy and environment. Reflections that will address not only the styles and poetic; but also the dialogue between culture and architecture, including photographic lens and urban transformations.

the meetings, will run until 7 September are free entry, until all places.


Discovering Palestrina - The Sanctuary of Fortuna

* News 2018 It is the collaboration with the archaeological sites of Palestrina, charming small town just outside the boundaries of the capital. Two initiatives "Going to the Temple” e “Lights on Fortuna"Enliven the famous Sanctuary of Fortuna, combining intriguing artistic performances and fantastic concerts in evening visits to the Temple and the Palazzo Barberini Museum. unmissable occasions to experience one of the greatest Hellenistic architectural complex of the country and a city rich in history and culture.

A whole summer performance

It would be impossible to list and do justice to the long list of performances scheduled. Ma, certainly, just to name places and occasions to tempt even the most reluctant and get them to participate in this great celebration of art in Rome. Music, dance, shows and festivals for every taste and appetite.

  • Regained garden - Palazzo Venezia
  • Evenings of Art - Castel Sant'Angelo
  • Music at the Vittoriano - exhibition dedicated to jazz and experimental music
  • Lights on Fortuna – Palestrina
  • In Music e In Scena - Music and Dance Theater in the places of the Lazio

Dates and details of concerts, appointments and players on the site