Bacon, Freud and the School of London

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Bacon, Freud and The School of London


From 26 September 2019 al 23 February 2020 at Cloister of Bramante, the exhibition that renews its collaboration with the Tate in London, after the success of 2018 Exposure dedicated to Turner.

For the first time together in Italy the works of Bacon e Freud to highlight one of the most important artistic environments and fascinating contemporary art, that the forties located in London a place and an important context for the creations of the authors exposed, so as to define the essential membership.

The exhibition

Along with Francis Bacon e Lucian Freud we find Paula Rego, Frank Auerbach, Michael Andrews e Leon Kossoff to represent the more than 45 works present, including paintings, engravings and drawings. From the central nucleus composed of works of the forties and fifties the path unfolds chronologically up to the most recent works, where the essence of the city is penetrated by the interpretations of the six artists. heterogeneous Artists who have found the point of contact in London's glare, where all arriving immigrants and, for different reasons, they elect to the center of their lives to study and work.

The topics investigated in a direct and impressive naked reality that can be in some cases even raw. The stories of people and places seem sometimes explode in the description of the fragile human condition or life. There are filters and here is the instability and strength, the delicacy, excess, transience, the truth, the vigor and insecurity. Everything between immigration stories, war and postwar, search for change, social redemption and debate about the role of women, It is immersed in the reality unconditionally. There are, then, also suffering, with portraits of friends and lovers, in which one tries to grasp the profound identity of the same nature, along the trail impassable weaknesses and eager fleeting moments.

And the always evocative sixteenth Bramante architecture seems to envelop, with close interest, the narratives of past lives that, seems, They may never have left their lives.

The artists

visceral energy that unites the artists in their expression related to their personal lives: Francis Bacon, born in Dublin, asthma sufferer, with an adversarial relationship with the military father and tyrant who throws him out of the house for his homosexuality, emigrates to London helped by the mother's relatives, Lucian Freud Jew, shortly after Hitler's rise to power, leaves Germany in 1933 with all the family, same fate will live Frank Auerbach a few years later, the age of seven will be sent to England to escape Nazi persecution by his parents, who die in a concentration camp. Then Michael Andrews, Norwegian, which will be a student of Freud's art school, Paula Rego instead left Portugal to study art in England, e Leon Koff, One of the six to be born in London, but Jewish parents who had fled Russia. So personalities and lives marked by substantial existential steps, whose suggestions poured in their artistic expression.

exclusive news

The exhibition is curated by Elena Crippa, absolute guarantee of high competence since it is responsible for British Art Modern and Contemporary Art at Tate in London, and managed by DART Cloister of Bramante, presenting for the occasion, for the first time in Italy, the unusual interpretation of a show in entrusted Enrico Maria Artale, one of the most promising young Italian filmmakers. My body and soul is the title of the short film, whose theme is the imagined painting the instant before the real action.

Info, Timetable and prices

Bacon, Freud and the School of London

From 26 September 2019 al 23 February 2020, Cloister of Bramante, Via della Pace

Schedule: From Monday to Friday h 10-20, Saturday and Sunday h 10-21

Ticket: Adults € 15, Reduced € 12

Info: Tel. +39 06 6880 9035,