Children - Summer at the Biopark

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Summer at the Biopark


Summer at the Biopark of Rome is full of surprises, between new arrivals and special discounts for the month of August.

It is in fact arrived a couple of Asian otters: Chaplin, a two year old male, and a female named Saida about one year.

The otter is a species considered vulnerable by the IUCN (Union international nature conservation) as it threatened by habitat destruction, water pollution, from hunting for fur and human persecution because it was deemed guilty of eating fish.

The otters couple shares the area with the new binturong Arabella, another species in danger of extinction and whose numerical consistency in nature was reduced by 30% last twenty years.

Summer news does not end: I through 31 August is a special promotion just for purchases made on line activated (its which provides for the rate of € 10,00 for everyone, both adults and children, with a very large discount to the price list: € 16,00 adults and € 13,00 Kid height greater than 1 mt and up to 10 years old and seniors over 65. The ticket is open, that is usable in a given choice between the 1 and the 31 August, including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.


In August special promotion for online tickets