Estate Romana 2018: discovering secret gardens, terraces and rooms of the Capitoline nights

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Roma by night divertimento locali e degustazioni Hotel trevi

At the onset of summer in Rome, even the Argentine roar of the Trevi Fountain manages to beat the heat of Rome. The sun shines on the marble of the most beautiful among the cities, creeping between the fronds of the parks, alighting on monuments, streets and squares. The days stretch, stretching in the light and heat, giving all the time that you may want to experience the Eternal City. Gifts that are nevertheless accompanied by high temperatures, sweat and occasional huge crowd. Ma, also for this eventuality, l’Hotel Trevi It has a remedy to offer its guests.

Like a good doctor, our hotel prescribes, in the case of heat, a surefire recipe: a refreshing shower in an elegant room with air conditioning; a few hours of rest; a change of clothes; e, finally, a healthy dose of vibrant nightlife. Roma reserves, for those who know where to look, many pleasant occasions for strength and recreation after a busy summer day.

Hotel Trevi It offers a selection of the best places to spend an evening outside, including cocktails, good music and culinary specialties. Sip an intriguing aperitif in the bushes of a garden, enjoy gourmet cuisine in a park, dance the night on an outdoor rink. Every wish can be fulfilled in this summer in Rome.


Music and Roman summer kitchen on the banks of the Tiber

The Tiber has always offered to tourists and Roman citizens a wide range of clubs and events. However, some companies have been able to gain over the years a strong reputation for the high standard of their evenings. This is the case of Lian Club, a picturesque locale set on a typical barge. Halfway between a bistro and lounge bar, with music and live shows, Lian Club, now for over ten years, It has emerged as one of the most challenging artistic realities in Rome, offering a picturesque location a varied musical programming and high-level ... accompanied by traditional and tasty cuisine. A must for lovers of DJ sets and live music of all kinds, from electronic to jazz.

Also worth mentioning the Magick Bar, also overlooking the river, which offers a mix of live music and mixology in an environment intriguing design. Sweet at the bottom, always Trasteverina area, to be reported for the gourmet lovers Looking, a Borgo Ripa: a charming and bright garden renowned for its excellent aperitifs. A refined and sophisticated location to enjoy good food and music from dusk till night.

Evenings and Local: the nights in Rome

At any time of the year, 'Ex Dogana It is a guarantee for those who are looking for original and good music evenings, especially electronic. E, for the summer, the organization offered doubles, adding a second location to the traditional Scalo San Lorenzo: Molo New Market, a great dining area that encompasses a curious vintage market. Dual supply, dual possibilities! It is recommended to lovers of the night to keep an eye programming.

A different scenario and different sounds you can instead to breathe Marble, in Verano area: a place known for its aperitifs in the garden and the attention devoted to live music, especially songwriting.

Atmosphere much more relaxed and informal to Wool Mill (Via Pietralata) and Monk (Zona Portonaccio), where in addition to food and drink can be found, exhibitions, concerts, workshops, games and artistic performances of various kinds.

A separate rather deserves a joint experiment that sees united the gardens Vodoo Bar he was born in The Sanctuary in one big space. A garden that will house a busy schedule of concerts, events and artistic performances, where there will be areas dedicated to wellness, catering and, obviously, applied to mixology.


The news of’Roman summer

We close this brief review with two promising initiatives that have seen the light over the past few summer seasons. The first is the temporary bar Satyrus, a local atmospheric and evocative set up on the steps of the Villa Borghese, in front of the National Gallery of Modern Art. In the provided quiver of artistic performances stand out Satyrus provocative and unconventional, Quality live music and a panoramic exceptional location; the right arrows for a summer period with free admission.

The second is 'A trifle: a permanent food festival hosted, for the summer months, in a space of more than a thousand square meters in area Prenestina (Via Ettore Giovenale). A redevelopment project that includes, as well as an inviting mix of ethnic Italian specialties, street food, concerts, exhibitions and many opportunities for socializing.

Many opportunities to fully enjoy Rome at sunset. Too tempting not to give in to the temptations of this summer in Rome.