The voice that paints

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La voce che dipinge



Exhibition of works by the famous opera singer Nicola Ghiuselev

12-19 October 2019

LuxArt Gallery, Path of Light, 28 – Roma

While the Italian opera gave many emotions to the whole world with music, theater, poetry and bel canto, it is also true that the famous opera singer, Bulgarian-Italian maestro Nicola Ghiuselev, who died in 2014, He countered with his talent, his innate aesthetic qualities and the search for not only professional but above all artistic perfection, helping to enrich and multiply the beauty.

"In the world of opera opera Nicola Ghiuselev the name is synonymous with vocal style, measure, culture, aesthetics, want, perfect pro, Also synonymous with artistic conscience and intransigence! - writes Prof. Ekaterina Docheva (Weekly in "Culture", 2014) - He was able to give immortality to the great roles Low: boris Godunov, Philip II, Dossifeo, Konciak, Galizki, Mefistofele, Don Giovanni, Aleko, Don Basilio, Fiesco, Moses, Attila, with its extraordinary scenic interpretation and articulation ".

On the occasion of the 5th anniversary of his death, Luxart the Gallery of Rome it is proud to participate in the series of events organized in commemoration of the Master with a new exhibition from the documentary flavor titled THE VOICE THAT PAINTS, edited by Amendolagine, at the seat of the art gallery in Via della Luce, 28 in Rome. It opens 12 October at 19.30 and it remains open until 19 October 2019.

Purpose of 'exhibition is to show the public a little known artistic aspect, that of the painter. intense activity that has been carried forward by the Master in parallel to that of the singer, but in a more discreet and personal.

It is about forty works produced by Ghiuselev during the whole of his life, paintings and drawings representing mostly portraits and self-portraits with some landscape. They are mostly oils on canvas and pencil on paper, illustrating an intimate world made up of friends and family of which the artist captures the skill with physical traits and expressions of the soul.

The event takes place thanks to the collaboration of Fondazione Nicola Ghiuselev, He commissioned by his wife Anna Maria Petrova-Ghiuselev to promote and enhance the music, bel canto and opera in general, and association Artemidia Rome.

Doctor Honoris Causa of the Academy of Sciences of Bulgaria, Commendatore of the Italian Republic, awarded the International Prize Giuseppe Verdi Gold for excellence and contribution to Belcanto, Ghiuselev has received several other awards of the highest level both in Bulgaria and in Italy.

Honorary citizen of Pavlikeni, Bulgaria, and Parma, Italy, in 2016 for its 80 Pavlikeni anniversary of the Summer Theater and a square in Sofia were dedicated to his name. In the same year, It was established the International Award "Nikola Guzelev" for the Opera and Fine Arts at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Ghiuselev Nicholas was born in the Pavlikeni 17 August 1936. The first years of his life were marked by the sign of music and painting. Nicola started singing since childhood. At the age of 11 years he gets the lead role in the opera production of "The Little Fiddler" in his hometown.

At the same age, She realizes you have another talent, that of painting. So, He began painting, sing and play, and at different times of his childhood he believed to be a great artist, unsurpassed singer or a future Paganini.

So recalls his discovery of music: he was a teenager, the radio transmitted Boris's monologue "a tune that shocked me. I was drawing, I stopped immediately and listened, struck by the beauty of music […] That afternoon changed my life ".

The exhibition, which enjoys the patronage of the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Italy and the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria to the Holy See and the Sovereign Order of Malta, Artemidia is part of the Biennale Art and Friendship, the usual occasion for culture and art between Bulgaria and Italy, which takes place in Rome since 2007 and is a showcase for art ? artists as well as a European cultural bridge. The seventh edition of the Biennial is dedicated this year to Artemidia 140 years of the beginning of diplomatic relations between the two countries. The inaugural evening of the VII Biennale Artemidia 2019 It is scheduled for 17 October p.v. in the halls of the Embassy of Bulgaria in Rome pm 18:30.

Roma, 08.10.2019

Dr. Aneta Rinaldi

Art Director di LUXart Gallery

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