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Years of Evil 1978-1982 - When the satire has become reality

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Years of Evil 1978-1982


From 26 October 2019 al 6 January 2020 at the cultural hub WeGil the exhibition that traces the surreal travel route in the five years of life by the magazine Evil, Italian satirist probably the most important phenomenon of the post-war period.


The magazine launched in September 1977 the collaboration of a large group composed of satirists like Pino Zac, Vincino, Angese, Jacopo Fo, Cinzia Leone, Vauro, by writers such as Angelo Pasquini, Sergio Saviane and with the presence of the graph Francesco Cascioli, after a start where uncollected particular success became, in no time, a genuine publishing phenomenon reaching, between 1978 and the 1979, the 140.000 copies sold.

At the time of Evil, because of time you can talk when the news were not continuously updated and disseminated through new technological devices and kiosks accounted indispensable reference for information Plural, the headlines of several newspapers became for all a pretext to get in touch with the most important events. The invention of false provocative absolutely plausible titles with perfect imitation of the first pages of various newspapers represented a crucial element in satire de The Male, and breaking every rule and causing destabilized spreading fabricated news ironic take on any topic: by politics, to religion, Italian and international current affairs.

tales, the poems, interviews and content items moving between the paradox and the insane, comics and cartoons brilliant and fierce procured quite a few complaints and seizures and had numerous processes. It was the cost for a revolution of national satire in which distinguished initiatives and innovative content which gave a unique contribution also Umberto Eco. Evil He became a true cultural phenomenon in a particular epoch in the history of our country; very creative, but also marked by dramatic events such as the murder of Aldo Moro, Ambrosoli, the discovery of the P2 lodge and the Mafia wars.

The exhibition

It starts with giant posters of the "fake" as the famous reproduction of the first page of Paese Sera with arrest title Ugo Tognazzi as head of the Red Brigades who represented the ironic provocation than a supposed "great old" according to investigators who would rule the terrorism in Italy. The actor paid a joke and agreed to be photographed handcuffed and accompanied by the editors, Saviane, Pasquini and Lo Sardo with the Director Vincino disguised as law enforcement officers. You will notice the similarity to the original tested riguardevole result of a graphic work of high professional level.

We then move on to the famous happenings organized by the magazine. Through videos and photos may include the imagination and creativity always expressed through the desecration and provocation as the election of the anti-simultaneous election of John Paul II, or the inauguration of the Pincio in a marble bust Giulio Andreotti and other not to be missed.

It then closes with the reproduction of preparing to relive the atmosphere that lived in what the Pasquini himself describes as "our editors confusing" where they imagined a parallel world and then make it live physically in the Weekly on newsstands, when satire come true.


An exhibition to see even to rediscover the works of the many outstanding employees that the magazine has counted in his few years. In addition to the already stated there are designers Andrea Pazienza, Tanino Liberatore and Massimo Mattioli, Stefano Tamburini and Filippo Scòzzari, The writers Piero Sardo, Alessandro Swed (Jia by Malik), Mario Canale and Vincenzo Sparagna, Francois Perrot and graphics, Giovanna Caronia, Francesca and Marcello Costantini Borsetti, photographers Gianno Morbioli, Sandro and Sandro Giustibelli Palombi.

Worth noting is the appointment on Tuesday 3 December at h 18 From false Evil to fake news with the participation of Franco Berardi "Bifo", Eugenio Lo Sardo, Andrea Purgatori, Claudio Strinati e Maurizio Torrealta.
The exhibition curated by Angelo Pasquini, Mario Canale, Giovanna Caronia e Carlo Zaccagnini in collaboration with Vincino Gallo also he sees the collaboration of 'Institute Light Cinecittà, Rai Teche e Radio Radicale. Promoted by Lazio region It is organized by ManaFils with LazioCrea.



Info, Timetable and prices

Years of Evil 1978-1982 - When the satire has become reality

From 26 October 2019 al 6 January 2020, WeGil Largo Ascianghi 5

Schedule: From Monday to Sunday h 10-19

Ticket: Adults € 6, Reduced € 3

Info: +39 3346841506 active duty from Monday to Sunday h 10-19, mail info@wegil.it