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Jim Dine on display in Rome at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni | Hotel Trevi

Jim Dine

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Jim Dine


Dall’ 11 February to 2 June 2020 at Palazzo delle Esposizioni the tribute of Roma a Jim Dine. One of the greatest examples of American art in a retrospective exhibition curated by Daniela Lancioni in close collaboration with the artist himself.

Jim Dine

Painter and sculptor of international renown, It has always been an artist difficult stylistically, as, like few others, he never sought a specific framework in the various categories of criticism or the art market, in the name of its complete freedom of expression. Born in 1935 a Cincinnati the late 50 He moved to New York where he immediately became a protagonist of the zeitgeist. It helps with other artists, come Claes Oldemburg e Allan Kaprow, the birth of the so-called general “happening”, which, although inspired by the Futurist and Dada avant-garde of the early twentieth century marks its original hallmarks American scope, in close contact with the Pop movement at that time he was being defined as the main artistic expression. From the beginning of his career Yours It demonstrates his independence from easy cliché, in fact from his work is more attentive to strictly personal images that those of '“american life”.

Thus appear on clothing, ties, shoes, insurance or hammers, vanghe, saws, building a rich autobiographical meanings lexicon, defined, by major critics, as real portraits. From 1964, year that is among the artists invited to Venice Biennale in the exhibition of American Pavilion, where there was the final affirmation of Pop Art, Jim Dine exhibits around the world: in 1970 the Whitney Museum di New York orders his first major retrospective, in 1999 it is Solomon R. The Guggenheim in New York, in 2004 a National Gallery of Art di Washington, in 2016 all’Albertina Vienna, in 2018 al Center George Pompidou in Paris, just to name some of the most prestigious and recent. And now Roma for this anthology of great value, confirming the important artistic track that marked the work of Jim Dine.

The exhibition

A true celebration of the entire artistic career Jim Dine, over 60 from the very beginning paintings and sculptures of the late 50 to this day. The exhibition, strictly chronological, collects all works from public collections and private Italian and international.

Already in his biography, enriched by a series of documents, introduce in a timely manner the exemplary figure of independent artist and absolutely free.

It starts with small paintings on canvas in which in which an isolated head from the body seems to claim attention perhaps questioned, and then take it very exciting space dedicated to “happening”. Pictures, the result of a laborious search, at the hands of the greatest photographers of the fifties and sixties of the New York scene, They are accompanied by a recorded commentary of the same Jim Dine, making it even more suggestive artistic experiences described.

You then enter into direct contact with the most important themes of his artistic production, In fact, the large space reserved for paintings of the early sixties collection of works in which the presence of everyday objects, the working tools, clothing, They reveal themselves in their artistic dignity. Here you can admire, among others, masterpieces Window with an Axe, of the 1961, Four Rooms, of the 1962, e Two Palettes in Black with Stovepipe, of the 1963.

Continuing with the attractive aluminum sculptures, Then it was the turn of the famous "Hearts" of Jim Dine of the period 1970/71, among which we find Straw Heart, the warm straw lying big heart and gentle. Towards the end of the Veneri evocative, inspired by Venus de Milo subject of deep investigation during the late seventies. Works that are loaded with an intense and deeply personal meaning for the artist: It was my mother to describe the Venus de Milo. He said he was the most famous sculpture in the world ...... I saw it at the Louvre when it was adult. I was thrilled, excited. For me the symbol of world culture, It is the muse”.

In conclusion, After a selection of other more recent works, the impressive wooden statues Pinocchio, made since the early years of this decade, celebrating the fascination of the "creation" of Collodi Yours, as he himself says: "I saw the Walt Disney movie when I was six years old and scared me ........... then I read the book of Collodi which is by far one of the most horrible and scary story, and I thought it was really deep, a metaphor of making art ".

This exhibition is a journey into the bowels of an always original and surprising artist, in which the biographical events are the common thread of all his work which are, at the end of all the emotions provoked, an incentive to reflect on ourselves.

Info, Timetables, and costs

Jim Dine

Dall’ 11 February to 2 June 2020, Palazzo delle Esposizioni Via Nazionale 194

Schedule: Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday h 10-20, Friday and Saturday h 10-22.30, Monday closed

Ticket: Adults € 12.50, Reduced € 10

From Tuesday to Friday, ticket from h 18 until closing € 6.00
Children aged 7 to 18 years € 6, Free admission for children up to 6 years
Open Ticket € 16,00

Info: Tel. +39 06 39967500