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From 19 July to 3 November 2019, in the striking of Palatino, within the the Colosseum Archaeological Park, a new encounter with contemporary art that communicates with antiquity. The theme of time, that has always involved the reflections of artists and thinkers, Here it is dealt with and inspired by the archaeological area rich in evidence stratified, witnesses of a past full of charm.

KRONOS E KAIROS. The timing of contemporary art

KRONOS E KAIROS : The exhibition

What is time? For the ancient Greeks the concept of time was defined with three meanings: Aion, the absolute time, God and transcendent symbol of eternity, Aristotle referred to as maximum power celestial, immovable and immutable. Then Kronos e Kairos acting in the unstable world of men. Kronos It represents the chronological sequence, the mark of the minutes and hours in a purely quantitative dimension, Kairos It is the precise moment, the propitious moment in which something special happens, and it is closely related to the concept of quality. For the life of men this duplicity, quantity and quality, It raises fundamental existential questions that art has sought and continues to seek answers.

Through 15 works as many Italian and international artists, who reworked their works according to the exhibition site, and combining dialogue with the scenarios in which they operate, you can delve into the subject of illusion, of power, of myth and insecurity.


These are the places of the glorious past, like the peristyle house Augusta, or Palatine Stadium along with impressive Arches Severiane and the beautiful Hall of the Capitals, that host the installations, sculptures and multimedia works, to give rise to new paths of past and present rimanendone almost subdued.


The artists

The report goes on between yesterday and today, between history and nature, memories to distinguish between the copious sediment, balance assiduously sought, are the themes that inexorably bind the artists in their different elaborations.

Interesting pictograms in the colored flags Matt Mullican, and reflections of Jimmie Durham the worn technology in its compulsive use. Forte's metaphor Kasia Fudakowsky with its face-gates closed and ready to fight if predisposed to dialogue if open, peremptory resistant and repeated act of motorized bulls Nina Beier. Fascinating light sculptures Giuseppe Gabellone They wind their way through ancient space stroking or penetrating them in a game shy and cheeky at the same time. And still the audioinstallazioni Catherine Biocca with the reflections of Seneca beloved student Lucillo, Dario D'Aronco with tatami-encrusted memories, Rä Di Martino with its projections in a bold journey through the sets of historical blockbuster filmed in North Africa, now "new" unusual ruins. To finish with Fabrizio Cicognini and his swan anthropomorphic, his Josephson and its mute figures and energetic, of the metamerfosi Oliver Laric, bronzes Hans Op de Beeck e Fernando Sanchez Castillo, maps and routes, evocative of times and solemn stories, of Cristina Lucas e Ozzola.

A path seductive in which this enters in the past in a direct way and directly comes out to report. As explained by the director of the the Colosseum Alfonsina Russian Archaeological Park "It's the challenge of 15 works on display and, perhaps, each artist: subtract the beauty or truth deadly embrace of Kronos to deliver it instead to the care of Kairos, the archetype of the perfect time, where the creative act emerges from the anonymous flow of time and is distilled in an eternal breath ".


At the exhibition it is linked to a very interesting Educational Project of cultural teaching mediation which aims to provide support for guests, for a better understanding of the exhibition content. From 1 September to 3 November of students'University of Rome La Sapienza, from courses of study in art history and trained, will be present throughout the area dedicated to the exhibition prepared to answer questions from visitors and ready to stimulate them into active enjoyment of works of art.


Info,Schedules and costs of Show

KRONOS E KAIROS. The timing of contemporary art

From 19 July to 3 November 2019, the Colosseum Archaeological Park, Palatino, Piazza Santa Maria Nova, 53

Schedule: 19 July – 30 September h 8.30-19, 1 October until the last Saturday of October h 8.30-18.30, From the last Sunday of October to the end of the exhibition h 8.30-16.30. The ticket office closes one hour earlier

Tickets: Adults € 12.00 Valid for Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

Info: +39 06 69984443