The Rome of the Kings. The story of archeology

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For the first time a unique heritage oldest age witnessed the city of Rome

The exhibition is hosted at the Capitoline Museums, inside the exhibition halls Palazzo Caffarelli and in 'the Temple of Jupiter Area of Palace of the Conservatives. Promoted by Rome capital city, Department of Cultural Growth – Capitolina Superintendence of Cultural Heritage and cared for Isabella Damiani e Claudio Parisi Presicce, He should have ended last 27 January. The success has also motivated an extension until May. The topic is engaging and charming: the story of the birth of Rome, from clay, the huts, the social and cultural evolution when it was ruled by kings.

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The exhibition

More than 800 objects are on public display for the first time. The result of a long process of restoration and reconstruction, also they include newly discovered archaeological materials in key areas: the sacred area at the foot of homes Palatino, New excavations in the sacred area of Sant'Omobono in Foro Boario where there was the ancient port on Tiber, it is to necropolis dell'Esquilino. The exhibition proceeds backwards from the sixth century B.C. until the tenth century B.C.. Through the eight sections, with abundance and peculiarities, They propose the salient aspects of the genesis of the city, the development of the customs and of the relationships with other civilizations. A survey conducted in-depth well:

  • Shrines and palaces in Rome directed, where the finds from the area of ​​St. Omobono show sculptures of gods and heroes, terracotta slabs depicting processions and horse racing, remains of roofs and polychrome decorations of witnesses roofs of wooden architecture that will leave space to the next stone and marble.
  • The burial rites in Rome between 1000 and the 500 a.C. showing of the tombs with some examples in which was used the rite of cremation, coming from the occupied areas then the Roman Forum from the Forum of Caesar and august.
  • The oldest inhabited: the first Roma one pillar of which is the model that shows the way the ancients occupied the city in the last period of the time direction.
  • Trade and commerce between the Bronze Age and Age Orientalizzante where the Roman relations with other civilizations, especially the Greek, They are shown by precious materials coming in particular from the archaeological dell'Esquilino.

In addition there

  • Indicators of female and male role, Luxury objects and prestige, e i Kits funeral "confused", sections which also include exhibits coming mostly from the Esquiline who exemplify the richness contained in the millennial stratification of the city. One of the most outstanding examples is the burial of a head with the shield reconstruction and the proposed reconstruction of a wagon and helmet.

Destined to teaching communication is the last section with the reconstruction of bronze and ceramic objects that you can touch and get as close as possible to the contact feeling with the original.


This exhibition is a real cultural event, an opportunity to be surprised by the continuing mysteries that the City of Rome regularly knows unravel.

Info, Schedules and costs of the exhibition

The Rome of the Kings. The story of Archeology

  • From 27 July 2018 al 5 May 2019
  • Capitoline Museums, Palazzo Caffarelli and the Temple of Jupiter Area of ​​Palace of the Conservatives. Campidoglio square 1
  • Schedule: Everyday 9.30-19.30; The ticket office closes one hour earlier
  • Ticket full integrated Display + museum € 15.00;
  • Ticket Reduced integrated Display + museum € 13.00;
  • Residents: Full Card Integrated Display + museum € 13.00;
  • Card integrated Reduced Show + museum € 11.00.
  • By purchasing the MIC Card, at a cost of € 5.00, unlimited entry for 12 months to the Civic Museums for those living or studying in Rome
  • Show Info Tel. 060608 (daily hours 9.00 – 19.00)