Local - Marie Krüttli, Lukas Traxel, Jonathan Barber Trio

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Thursday 26 It's Friday 27 September double date at Charity Café with the trio led by Marie Krüttli, a lived band, fresh, bright and bold. The young pianist creates a sophisticated and personal language, a deep rhythmic and harmonic search. Thanks to the interpretation of the trio, full of lightness and groove, This music speaks to the body and to the heart. With a mature sound, Special aesthetic and a charming virtuosity, the three musicians offer a highly relevant music. No minimalism hipster, no irony but clear ideas and powerful. Krüttli sounds impressing at every level, offering defined with ease, complex rhythms, colored and superimposed harmonic tones.

Navigate her band through a mysterious musical landscape, soulful. What distinguishes the young pianist from its peers is its secure, direct delivery of a wide range of original musicals. Deeply indebted to composers such as Stravinsky, Debussy e Ravel, It is home to a wide range of dazzling melodic patterns, effortlessly mastering more sophisticated chord changes. This trio emerges in an exciting time in the history of jazz, When the boundaries are pushed, revised and pushed back. Their organic style is both exciting and innovative time.

Marie Krüttli, Piano
Lukas Traxel, Contrabass
Jonathan Barber, Battery

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