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Nanni Balestrini. WE WANT ALL in Show in Rome | Hotel Trevi

Nanni Balestrini. We want it all

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Show Nanni Balestrini in Rome


From 29 May to 2 September 2019, the seat of Visionarea Art, on the second floor of 'Auditorium of the Conciliazione, It is hosting an exhibition dedicated to Nanni Balestrini entitled We want it all.

clean yes Luigi De Ambrogi in partnership with Galleria Emilio Mazzoli in Modena, presents 11 works, made between 1965 and the 2004, selected by the same artist, to tell his creative path.

Nanni Balestrini He disappeared last 20 May, close to the opening of the exhibition, which it has become an immediate tribute to his figure and his art, at the same time, their last respects to one of the most influential and important period of social protests and political struggles of the sixties and seventies years intellectuals. Poet, writer, Finally essayist and artist contributed vigorously to define intellectual engaged, immersed in the problems of the contemporary, tending to experimentation.

Already present in the anthology "The last 1", of the 1961, then director of the magazine "Fifteen" of the Group 63, of which he was a founder, He has always tried to overcome the traditional boundaries of the creative system. L'arte, in its embodiment action is breaking of the schemes, revolution is. Says the critic Achille Bonito Oliva, that Nanni Balestrini identifies the possibility of founding a place of art is not limited to traditional genres, the work is not the result of an overrun or a linguistic interweaving, but the result of a foundation of a different aesthetic space, They do not count the individual linguistic fragments. "

The exhibition

The exhibition "We All ", title taken from his novel, perhaps, most famous of 1971, immediately became the manifesto for the entire decade, It offers the visitor a significant variety of his collages along with works on canvas and wood, that fully describe his provocative figure and its great ability to tell the different levels of meaning present in the analysis of the company.

Example relevant work "Time" of the 1967, where the headlines, the communication fragments are diverted, somehow, acquiring new meanings transgressive and provocative, not covered by the "regulatory agencies" of public opinion. The artist is involved in overcoming ideology that wants to describe the present, which it seems the only one available to us, and yet there is always another possible.

To see and scrutinize the work of Balestrini it is also a journey through time, and not just in the past sixties, seventy or more recent years. And 'a trip in some time, how different is the time that the artist delves into, head and feet in the roots of the great and small events, to know, tell and imagine; changing from the old reporter, intellectual to investigator.

In the images produced, with his talent connected and harmonized, emerge fragments of everyday life caught at certain times, as always pushed out to break the flat surface and always equal to the ordinary.

The exhibition is a plunge into the world of a "total artist", poet and painter and more, we discover how our world. Its action to actually cut the words and their common sense, continuously makes language amazing. It appropriates, but combines, and so it allows the poem belong to everyone, It is the revolution.

Info, Timetable and prices


From 29 May to 2 September 2019, Visionarea Art Space, Incidental dell 'Auditorium of the Conciliazione, Via della Conciliazione 4

TIMETABLES: Open daily h 10-21.30

tickets: Free entry

Info: Tel. 060608 (daily hours 9 – 19); mail: info@visonarea.org