Open House Roma: a weekend to rediscover the love for architecture

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Openhouse Architettura Hotel Trevi roma


Few occasions allow, much to Roman citizens and tourists, to regain the awareness of the city's charm: Open House Roma is undoubtedly one of these. Open House Roma is an annual event that offers the opportunity to visit for free hundreds of Capitoline buildings, significant for its architectural features and for their historical and artistic value. A whole weekend dedicated to the discovery of spaces and places that are not accessible during the rest of the year. An extraordinary event that is part of an international project, Open House Worldwide which today involves 4 continents and 31 city.

The edition 2018

The edition 2018 will take place on 12 e 13 May and will open doors to visitors 200 sites, as well as offering a rich program of side events. One of the most innovative features of Open House, that really makes a unique event, a connecting link between past and future, and the decision to include in the program a lot of historical buildings as places of modern and contemporary design.

Alongside glimpses and hidden or forgotten corners, appear to design interventions that renew and reinterpret existing structures. Just browse through the past editions brochure to feel tempted by the wealth of possibilities: different shades and forms of art spaces, from classic public buildings, the most futuristic housing solutions.

The last edition

edition 2017 it was possible to visit and admire:

  • Academies, libraries and scientific institutes offices: facilities where culture and knowledge are born and nourished.
  • Theater, Auditorium, Museums and other buildings that become the home of the arts.
  • stations, do you study, offices and homes, where design and architecture meet the daily needs.
  • archaeological areas, palaces, monasteries and other sites usually barred to visitors

over 200 sites; over 200 reasons to fall in love again in Rome. To further embellish this weekend out of the ordinary, concerts, reading sessions, presentations and many other various events. A splendid event, stronger collaboration hundreds of volunteers, accompanies guests with completely free tours.

Students of architecture, students of Roman universities, dell’Academy of Fine Arts or by design institutes, volunteers of the Italian Touring Club: a river of excitement able to drag anyone into this full immersion in the architecture of Rome. An initiative that really comes from the shared desire to enhance the heritage of a city, a commendable project to be thankful as citizens and art lovers.


How to support Open House Roma

If you wish to take part in person and experience the event as protagonists, and on the Web site Facebook page you can find information dedicated to serve as volunteers. An opportunity, especially for students and workers in the sector, establish friendships and contacts, mature a’ challenging and rewarding experience to serve the city and its beauties.

Not last, for college still struggling with courses and curricula, It is an activity for which they are recognized credits! There can be proposed as guides or as logistical assistants for specific sites; you can also take advantage, come benefit, of a precious pass jumping-tail. It is still time to enjoy one of the most exciting initiatives of the year starring: the next information sessions are scheduled for 3 April and May 1 °. If instead, appreciating and wanting to make the case and resourcefulness in this group, He wishes to contribute in other ways, you can support the event with a small donation. This is also a way to get a wonderful guide to the places chosen for this year's edition: a tangible reminder of the opportunity to fully lived.