Poets in Rome. proud by friendship Returns

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Poets in Rome on display at the WeGil


From 30 March to 23 June 2019, at WeGil Largo in Ascianghi Trastevere. The building located in the heart of the city, It renovated just over a year and a half ago, It represents a real cultural hub, capable of stimulating the creation and development of creativity accompanying the rediscovery of cultural excellence, tourist and gastronomic. In this case it houses the exhibition promoted by Lazio region, organized by AGCI Lazio in collaboration with LAZIOcrea.


Happy years

clean yes Giuseppe Garrera e Igor Patruno, exposure has more than 250 photo original. The portraits tell the poets and writers in the capital and their friendships, mutual esteem and sharing in the cultural life of Rome. An extraordinary season in which the cultural ferment was powered by a rapidly developing society, and the same cultural answered raising new stimuli.

Tazio Secchiaroli, Dario Bellini, Alberto Durazzi, Rodrigo Pais, Antonio Samson and many other photographers who followed with lucid exploration of those years, they become, the shots, deservedly privileged witnesses of intimate and public moments of an unrepeatable period. The exuberant grace Pier Paolo Pasolini, lucid thought and punctual Alberto Moravia, emancipated force Elsa Morante, Anna Maria Ortese e Amelia Rosselli, e Attilio Bertolucci, Sandro Penna, Giorgio Caproni, Carlo Levi and all other, They represented an elective affinity communities to create happy.

The poetic parable

The exhibition flowing fluid and enveloping between the images dinners, feasts, presentation evenings in which we recognize other protagonists of those years as Leonida Repaci, Laura Betti, Ninetto Davoli, to witness the versatility of that experience and great ability to enter into all areas of society. The interesting series of documents, where projects are shown, first editions, inserts, magazines and recordings, They offer an intimate daily life and still extraordinary.

A cultural parable made to coincide with the years of life in the intellectual capital, that, perhaps most of all, He entered the sentimental bowels of Rome; Pier Paolo Pasolini, that after his arrival in 1950, in a letter two years later, addressed to his friend critic and novelist Giacinto Spagnoletti, He communicates his enthusiasm for the atmosphere of lived impulses. The intellectual himself who will end his days assassinated Idroscalo Ostia in 1975. Right here stops the exposure, where the photographs of his funeral is a poignant declaration of love for the entire community of poets and writers of his friends. The violent act will mark the end of an adventure and creative human that made history.

The exhibition will be enriched by meetings, debates, projections, insights with players and experts of that season. Following the appointment calendar:

6 May at 18.30
An immense network of human relationships. The first years of Pier Paolo Pasolini in Rome
Moderator Stefano Gallerani, Speakers Filippo La Porta, Andrea Cortellessa, Renzo Paris
12 June hours 18.30
Three women in the Rome of the '60s and' 70s. ELSA MORANTE, Amelia Rosselli and Anna Maria Ortese
Moderator Giuseppe Garrera, Speakers Adelia Battista, Maria Rosa Cutrufelli, Sandra Everett

15 May at 18.30
Andrea Di Consoli Interview Anna Folli, Gilda Policastro interview Walter Sites

Info, Timetable and prices

Poets in Rome. proud by friendship Returns

From 30 March to 23 June 2019, WeGil Largo Ascianghi 5

Schedule: Every day h 10.00 – 19.00
Entrance ticket: full: € 6.00, Reduced: € 3.00 (applies to people aged between 19 e i 26 years and over 65). Free: until the age of 18 and disabled persons.

Tel.: 334.68.41.506, The service runs from Monday to Sunday, h 10.00 – h 19.00