Roma Universalis. The empire and the dynasty came from Africa.

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Roma Universalis

From 15 November 2018 al 25 August 2019 the exhibition unfolds between the Colosseo, the Roman Forum and the Palatino.

Promoted by the Colosseum Archaeological Park, conceived by Clementina Panella who is also the curator along with Alessandro D’Alessio e Rossella Rea, is the first exhibition dedicated to dynasty. I Severi They came from Africa and ruled by 193 al 235 after Christ. They are considered the last great dynasty of Roman emperors able to make an important contribution to the evolution of art and architecture of Rome and Empire, leaving a great legacy in the various areas of the ancient Roman society. They were responsible, for example, the recognition of the Roman citizenship to all free citizens residing in the Empire, a kind of "The right thing" antiquity.

The exhibition

The goal is to make known the last time when Rome expressed his majesty as the capital despite the decline he showed his advancing. In his journey in stages occur places never before made accessible to the public and works of art the result of new findings that describe the exceptional exposure and uniqueness of a city that never ceases to surprise. A rich and engaging journey which, starting from Colosseo and passing by the Roman Forum reaches the Palatino, unveiling and rediscovering the cosmopolitan character and reformer of Severi starting from its origins. An open-air museum that is realized in all its magnificence and where the visitor is immersed pleasantly.

The Places of Show

The Colosseo, the ancient Flavian amphitheater, restored by the Severi after a fire destroyed it in 217 d.C., It presents in the gallery of the second order a very rich and large collection of archaeological finds, there are about one hundred, from the various Italian and foreign museums. Among these must be listed a series of portraits of the members of the dynasty, three surveys recently discovered in the underground excavations of Naples and the extraordinary finds of Urbis form, the ancient marble cadastral map made under Septimius Severus, which it is the fundamental tool for the knowledge of the ancient Roman topography of which they can admire an interesting virtual reconstruction.

Going to Roman Forum you can see a stretch of the The hill at the keel, opened for the first time to visit. The section is one of the oldest courses in Rome and connected the neighborhood "Of Carine" with the Esquiline. From here, through Gallery Result, It will come to an exciting overlooking the Peace temple, a true marvel of antiquity being a sort of public museum which collected the works of art of the ancient world come to Rome, even as war booty. Restored also from Septimius Severus after a fire in 192 d.C., It is the seat of a long restoration that has brought to light the remains of a magnificent paving formed by polychrome marbles and the bases of pink granite columns that made up the cult classroom.

In the end the Palatino, where you can admire the Baths of Elagabalus, also for the first time made accessible to visitors and from which the idea of ​​the exhibition. It deals with, indeed, an exceptional architectural structure object of one excavation made between the 2013 and the 2014 which she has brought to light very important finds dating back to the time of Severi collected in Temple of Romulus. The route that winds throughout the area reveals the places where the dynasty has proliferated, come, for example, Public residence of imperatoti, the famous domus Severn. For the occasion will be reopened Hall of the Capitals where architectural and sculptural fragments are collected with the intent to recreate the suggestive atmosphere of the time.

More than a show a real event that wants to leave tangible seals. The archaeological areas, never opened before the public, tell of a precious event, e, if ever it were needed, confirm the continuous surprises that only the uniqueness of Rome can give.


Info Timetable and prices

Roma Universalis. L 'Empire and the dynasty came from Africa

From 15 November 2018 al 25 August 2019

Colosseum Piazza del Colosseo, 1

Foro Romano Via Salara Vecchia, 5/6

Palatino Via di San Gregorio, 30

Schedule: h 8.30 – h 16.30 until the 15 February 2019, h 8.30 – h 17.00 from 16 February to 15 March 2019

h 8.30 – h 17.30 from 16 March to 30 March 2019, h 8.30 – h 19.15 from 31 March to 31 August

Tickets: Adults € 12, Reduced € 7,50

online ticket presale rights € 2, Reductions and gratuity according to the regulations

The same ticket allows access to the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Palatine

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