One lie leads to another

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Una bugia tira l'altra


Rather than attend the night sitting in the Chamber of Deputies, On the. de Mitri, the work of government vice minister in charge, He is going to spend the night with his mistress, the secretary of opposition leader, within the beautiful suites 648 of the Grand Hotel. Unfortunately, nothing goes as planned. A corpse appears behind the window and the hotel staff is very curious. The scandal is about to break ... but fortunately the Hon. De Mitri can count on his loyal minions, Giorgio Franchetti, and with all his strength against his will, facing incredible and hilarious situations, such as to sbellicare viewers laughter.

It 'a succession of lies, gags, misunderstandings, treachery, mistaken identity, which highlight the hypocrisies of our times, all without forgetting the stinging ironic facts and addressed to our politicians.


Marco Morandi, Marco Fiorini, Matteo Vacca,

Veronica Pinelli, Giancarlo Porcari, Annalisa Amodio, Manuela Bisanti, Valeria Sandulli

from 6 al 24 November

Directed by Matteo Vacca