Massimo Troisi poet

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Troisi shows at the theater Roma


From 17 April 2019 al 30 June 2019 al Teatro dei Dioscuri at the Quirinal.

It was the 4 June 1994, the next day he shot the last scene of The postman", He left us Massimo Troisi. for 25 years after his death Rome dedicated a fond memory. The exhibition, clean yes Nevio De Pascalis e Marco Dionisi, under the supervision of Stefano Veneruso, collects over 80 photo retracing his private life and his artistic career, offering a trip full of emotion capable of telling the sensitivity and artistic genius of one of the most beloved players in the history of Italian cinema.


Massimo Troisi

born on 19 February 1953 San Giorgio a Cremano, close to Naples, City always mentioned in pyrotechnic reflections that often departed from his family lived. The apprenticeship starts in the theater and later in television "The Grimace", Group created with his friends Lello Arena e Enzo De Caro. Then with the conclusion of that experience begins the film. As an author, director and actor, from his first film "Groundhog three" until his last "The postman" that also will be worth the Oscar nomination for Best Actor. Among his film and the other will work with Ettore Scola charge him in three films, alternate always original television appearances, It is in the 1984 realized with Roberto Benigni "We just have to cry" that will represent one of the cornerstones of Italian cinema.


The exhibition

In dedicated spaces, that follow chronologically the life and artistic production, we find posters, images, new videos, awards and interviews where you feel how much I miss a figure like Massimo Troisi to art and to the public.

In the first room we start with childhood and family life with unpublished photos and manuscripts and typescripts of poems, that from an early age showed his vocation for writing. He goes to his early experiences in the show in Center Theater Space, a garage of San Giorgio a Cremano adapted to theater, where they will see the light the first farces written that address sensitive issues such as religion, politics and the church; and where he will meet her friends grimace. The group is dedicated photo, posters and documents of a very intense period which will lead the trio to national success.

Exciting are, then, the first multimedia spaces where you can see and hear interviews created especially for the show to friends and colleagues. There is the memory of his nephew and collaborator Stefano Veneruso, Enzo De Caro, Gianni mina, Massimo Bonetti, Marco Risi, Carlo Verdone, his partner and co-screenwriter Anna Pavignano and many others, that reveal curious and affectionate aspects of Troisi.

In another multimedia station you can listen to in his youth songs written by Troisi and music by Enzo De Caro, He remained for many years in the personal archives and in the 2008 Decaro recorded in "Poet Max" disc. Disco, Moreover, which houses the value of musicians Paolo Fresu, the Solis String Quartet, Rita Marcotulli, Daniele Sepe, Ezio Bosso, Lino Cannavacciuolo, Cecilia Chailly, James Senese.


In the second room there is the TV experience. Gives The grimace, in the mythical program Non Stop, which he launched many artists first floor of the Italian cinema and theater, including Carlo Verdone that tells us how the presence of Massimo Troisi It had the feeling of attending a top artist and unusual. At appearances in programs Renzo Arbore, Gianni mina, Pippo Baudo, Roberto Benigni, friends and colleagues with whom he created historical performance remained. The presence of multimedia totems gives us the atmosphere of that season.


In the third room is the turn of cinema. Photo sets, papers and posters, along with footage of interviews with actors and directors, describe its evolution as an author, director and actor. In his film of civil commitment, never dealt with pride, essential and simple, with perfect timing, It has shown that continuous research is behind the growth of its artistic depth. Even in acting, Ettore Scola he called it: "Our feelings actor".


Troisi is not only what he has accomplished, intelligence and tenderness that emanated caused an empathy with the public contagious, up to create that aura of magic around him, gift that only a few artists are allowed. Years later, one wonders how, seeing him or listening again to his voice, you can still laugh and be moved immediately, and this exhibition admirably evokes the miracle of an extraordinary artist.


Info, Timetable and prices

Massimo Troisi poet

From 17 April 2019 al 30 June 2019, al Theater of Castor al Quirinale Via Piacenza, 1

TIMETABLES: Tuesday through Sunday 10-19, closed Monday

COST OF THE TICKET: free entry